Working with artist Johnny Cochran and his family was a blast. The entire process began in August of 2015 and was finished on St Patrick's Day weekend 2016. 

     Johnny contacted me in regards to assisting him with adding 3 dimentional elements to his painting triptych. 

     The sheet steel pieces were made by taking foamcore board patterns to King Archtectural Metals to get them cut out of 14 gauge floor plate using their CNC plasma cutting service. Johhny selected the wood elements and we cut them to size in my shop.

   Johnny and I built a wall in my shop that matched the wall in the office building where his paintings were going to be installed.                              

      Johnny made mock ups of his painting stretchers and we came up with a mounting system that would work for hanging them on the office building wall. 

      We then designed brackets that were attached to the different 3D parts that would allow them to be attached to the painting stretchers.

       The last part of the work in my shop involved adding 4 vertical pieces of rebar that Johnny included in the design.

     All the 3D pieces were removed and loaded into a rental truck along with Johnny's paintings and taken to the office building for the installation.

Johnny's Drawing
Making the Mocked Up Stretchers
Placing The Cut Out Sheet Metal
Johnny Working on the Stretchers
Johnny Laying Out The Metal Elements
Working with the Sheet Metal Elements
The Wall is Ready
Paintings in Waiting
Scissor Lift for High Wall Installation
3D Elements In Waiting
Checking Out the Wall
Hanging The Center Canvas
Lifting The Center Canvas
Hanging The Mounting Panels For The Left Canvas
Satisfied Patron And Proud Artist
Great Team
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