Steel cutout panels based on my drawings were installed on the wall bordering the Town North residential development in Garland,Texas in May 2017. I worked with Emily Goodrum ,the head of neighborhood development for the city of Garland. Emily did an amazing job coordinating the fabrication and installation ,including lighting and landscaping. I made 4 drawing using natural themes of the birds, insects and wild flowers indigenous to the area. I drew four 12 inch X 30 inch scenes that were turned into CNC files and laser cut out of 4 ft X 10 Ft 1/4 steel plate. Two of each image were cutout, powder coated flat black ,and attached to the wall.
    Two of my designs were recently selected for art panels that will be installed on a bridge for the Chua Dao Quang Temple in Garland ,Texas. This is also a project for Emily Goodrum and the City of Garland.
Butterflys and Dragon Flies -Drawing
Mockingbirds and Blue Birds -Drawing
Mockingbirds and Scissor Tails -Drawing
Honey Bees - Drawing
Mockingbirds and Blue Birds- Installed Panel
Honey Bee Panel - Installed
Mockingbirds and Blue Birds Panel Detail
Mockingbirds and Scissor Tails Panel- Installed
Mockingbirds and Scissor Tails Panel Detail
Mockingbirds and Blue Birds Panel Detail
Mockingbirds and Blue Birds Panel -Installed
Honey Bees Panel - Installed
Honey Bee Panel Detail
Lotus and Koi-Drawing
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