During February and March of 2019 I was part of a team working on the restoration of a boxcar built in 1911. The boxcar was part of the Belgium Railroad .The Belgium Railroad was appropriated by Germany after it invaded Belgium. In 1985 a group of Holocaust survivors had the boxcar brought to Dallas, Texas to be a display in a Holocaust Museum . Originally the museum was at the Jewish Community Center in North Dallas. The boxcar was displayed in the basement.   A new Holocaust Museum is scheduled to open in September 2019 down the street from The current location in Dallas's Westend.  The boxcar had been altered a number of times to accommodate the spaces in which it was displayed. Over the years about 40% of the original had been lost.The Holocaust Museum asked historical preservationist Ron Siebler restore the boxcar to as close to as original for display in the new museum. Ron asked me to replicate two steel vents using two originals as a guide. I also helped with the restoration of the boxcar at Parchem Sheet Metal Works in Dallas. I was part of the team that reassembled and finished the boxcar at the construction sight of the new museum. https://parchemsheetmetalinc.comhttps://www.siebler.comhttp://www.dallasholocaustmuseum.org 
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